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Charles Bowden, Davenport, Iowa

Charles Bowden and his common law wife Vera Baugh Bowden had only been living at 521 ½ W 4th Street, Davenport a few months when Mr. Bowden was found dead in the hallway of his apartment building. Mrs. Bowden stated to police that Friday, September 16, 1955, they had been in taverns in Rock Island and had several arguments. In the car ride home, Vera picked up an item in the front seat of the car to defend herself in a scuffle with Mr. Bowden. She then got out of the car at 4th and Warren and walked home. There was a trail of blood from the car to the apartment floor landing where Mr. Bowden was found dead. There was a garbage can of blood soaked paper along with a one-inch wood chisel also in the stairway. Mrs. Bowden told investigators she tried to stop the bleeding for 2 hours before she called neighbors.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 1955-00104

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Clarence Raymond Case, Davenport, Iowa

Clarence Raymond Case and his wife operated the "Ray and Edith's Tavern" at 1646 W Locust Street, Davenport for eight years. Mr. Case would lock the front and back door every night at 11 pm to count the day's sales. Sometimes regular customers would knock on the back door to buy a case of beer during this time and Clarence would open the door and make a sale. Mrs. Case was taken home from the tavern by her daughter Mrs. Gibbs Thursday, February 16, 1961 at 9:15 pm. Her husband told her that he was mostly already done with the night's clean up work and he would see her early. There were 3 customers in the tavern at that time. Mrs. Gibbs returned to the tavern to drop of the car keys and leave and there were 5 customers in tavern at 9:45 pm. Mrs. Case woke up the next day and was not alarmed that her husband hadn't come home. He very often would sleep in a bed in the basement of the tavern to open up between 6:30-7:00 am. After 9:15 am, she did become worried after not getting hold of him and decided to run an errand and then go check on him. Around 10:30 am a customer went in through the unlocked back door and found Mr. Case on the floor. The police were called and secured the area and Mrs. Case arrived and was not permitted to enter. Mr. Case and been struck three times on the head. His wallet was empty, there was a check and some change in the register but no currency and there was some rolled up coins in an unlocked safe. A kid found a pop bottle with a red blood like substance at a nearby playground.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 1961-00273

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Christy J. Connor

Christy Connor was 19 years old when he was killed. His body was found in the trunk of his Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme on July 24, 2005. His mother said his life took a turn for the worse when he dropped out of a local college and started hanging around the ‘wrong crowd'. Christy was having financial problems and was behind on his rent. His landlord said Christy told him he had lost his job and sold his car. The police believe Christy was killed close by to where the car was found not long after his death. Please contact the Davenport Police Department if you have any information on this case.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 2005-24862

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Lewis Glenn

Lewis Glenn had a child on the way, was attending a local college for computer skills and was making plans for marrying the woman he had been with for 12 years. Monday, shortly before midnight on 8/5/2002, four shots rang out on the corner of Taylor and West 8th Street in Davenport. Mr. Glenn was pronounced dead at the scene. Friends and family said he had made some bad decisions when younger that got him in trouble with the law but had really started going in a positive direction. Family and friends were at a loss for answers when asked if they knew of anyone who would want to shoot him. Mr. Glenn was a young man that had put his past behind him and was working toward making a good life as a father and a husband. That was taken from him and he was taken from his loved ones. Please contact the Davenport Police Department if you have any information that could help this case.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 2002-31717

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Mark and John Green Jr.

Saturday, November 24, 1984 at approximately 12:30 pm three year old John Green and 18 month old Mark Green were in an upstairs bedroom at their home on 1512 Belle Avenue in Davenport. The childrens mother and their aunt were in a downstairs bedroom when two explosions were heard in the area of the front door. The mother and aunt screamed for the children to get out. The 6 year old daughter who was in the kitchen went out the backdoor. A police officer attempted to rescue the two boys but was overcome by heat and smoke and pulled out by rescuers. John Green Jr. was pronounced dead at the scene and Mark passed away on Sunday. Please contact the Davenport Police Department if you have any information on this case.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 1984-10311

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Judith Anne Haecker, Davenport, Iowa

18 year old Judith Anne Haecker was attending Palmer College and living at 202 E 15th Street, Davenport. Her parents lived a few blocks away. The last time Judith's parents saw her alive they were dropping her off at her apartment at 9:30 pm Friday, March 5, 1971. They wanted to walk her to the door but she said she would be fine because she saw her girlfriend's car there. She had previously complained to her parents about an annoying man at her building. Judith had three friends over Friday night into Saturday morning. One of the guests admitted to being pretty intoxicated when he left around 1:30 am. A friend of Judith told her mother that Judith had called around 2 am looking for Judith's sister. Judith's mother came over Sunday a little before 6:30 pm to pick Judith up for a youth service at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. The door was locked but Judith kept a spare key hidden in the hallway that the mother used it to let herself in. She found Judith's body lying face up on the bed. A window shade had been pulled down and was lying in the bed with the girl's body. Scott County medical examiner, Dr. Perkins, termed the death a murder. He said the victim had been strangled and that a small bone had been broken in her throat and her head had been hit with a blunt object. The examiner speculated that the girl had died in the early morning hours of Saturday. During the initial discovery of the body and evidence gathering, a male friend stopped by to visit the deceased. He gave a statement to police. The police ruled out robbery because valuables were left in the apartment. It is believed another visitor came to the apartment after the murder and unable to get in slipped a note under the door. A love poem written by Judith was also found at the scene. Please contact the Davenport Police Department if you have any information about this case.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 1971-10031

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Francisco Najera

Franciso was in the Stadium Club at 822 W 2nd St with his brother on Monday, January 24, 1983. Both men left the bar together. Outside the bar an undercover officer saw 2 men being robbed by another 2 men. One victim escaped and another was dragged to a van. The officer called for assistance. Officers arrived and ordered the suspects out of the van. The suspects came out of the van and a struggle ensued. The undercover officer's gun accidently discharged and Franciso was shot in the abdomen. Francisco was taken to Mercy Hospital where he later died. Francisco's brother Oscar was arrested at the hospital when he was identified as a man that struggled with another officer. Please contact the Davenport Police Department if you have any information on this case.

Agency: Davenport Police Department
Phone Number (563) 326-7979
Case Number: 1983-21175

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