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Baby Girl April

In the first couple of months of 1992, Moline had two deceased infants wash up on the shore of the Mississippi River.  The first was Baby Leap Year.  The Baby Leap Year case was later solved.  A Bettendorf woman pleaded guilty to the deaths of 2 infants.   Baby Girl April has yet to be solved.  The community expressed grief and care by providing a coffin, service and cemetery plot for the small child that was unwanted by her mother. 

Agency:  Moline Police Department

Phone Number 309-524-2140

Case Number: 92-13161

Parker, Shenetha (04/13/1992) "Moline police find baby in the river" Quad-City Times

Waddell, Jennifer (04/14/1992) "Baby died before she was dumped" Quad-City Times

Waddell, Jennifer (04/15/1992) "Agencies reach out to mothers" Quad-City Times

Waddell, Jennifer (04/17/1992) "We pray for you, Baby Girl April" Quad-City Times

Waddell, Jennifer (04/17/1992) "Q-C mourners pray for Baby Girl April" Quad-City Times

Baby Girl April (04/14/1992) Obit Quad-City Times



Laura Brown

Sunday, March 6, 1988, at 1:30 am police officers went to the home of Laura and Joseph Brown.  The police were going to inform Laura that her husband was in the hospital after being found in the bottom of a ravine in Devil's Glen Park in Bettendorf with two gunshot wounds in the head.  Instead Laura was found stabbed to death.   Lacy, the couple's pregnant white German shepherd and the couple's blue van were also missing.  In November of 1991, a Scott County jury found Paul A. Anderson guilty of the murder of Joe Brown.   The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation positively identified a tire track left at the body shop where Joseph Brown worked belonged to a tire on Anderson's car.  Mr. Anderson lied twice about a collect telephone call from Rock Island to his house.  Lacy was found wandering around Port Byron which is in route to where Mr. Anderson lived.  Mr. Anderson and Joe Brown may have met while serving time together in the East Moline Correctional Center. 

Agency:  Moline Police Department

Phone Number 309-524-2140

Case Number: 88-5774

Bielema, Ross (10/29/1991) "Wife: Defendant was home when body was found" Quad-City Times

Bielema, Ross (10/30/1991) "Testimony focuses on victim's drug habit" Quad-City Times

Bielema, Ross (11/1/1991) "Testimony ends in murder case" Quad-City Times

Bielema, Ross (11/2/1991) "Jury will continue deliberations in murder case" Quad-City Times

Bielema, Ross (11/3/1991) "Jury returns guilty verdict in slaying" Quad-City Times

Cook, Linda (03/07/1988) "Shooting takes a new twist" Quad-City Times

Cook, Linda &Oxnevad, Karl (03/08/1988) "Bettendorf shooting victim dies" Quad-City Times

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Kauffman, Clark (10/20/1991) "Trial begins in '88 slaying" Quad-City Times

Kauffman, Clark (10/23/1991) "Attorney: Suspect has an alibi" Quad-City Times

Kauffman, Clark (10/25/1991) "Officer says suspect lied" Quad-City Times

Staff (10/21/1991) "Police, pathologist testify in murder trial" Quad-City Times


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